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Who we are and how we conduct ourselves











The handbook provides school families answers to most questions  and will be helpful for those who are visiting the website.  It includes: mission; philosophy; staff; program description; program goals; registration policy; tuition policy; and much more valuable information about daily operations at CCNS.  Below are some essential highlights from the handbook.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a school community for young children and their families that fosters each child's unique personality and self esteem while promoting intellectual, physical and social development and kindergarten readiness.

Program Description

Christ Church Nursery School is a state licensed, non-sectarian preschool program.  The school opened in 1983 as a mission of Christ Church, retains a nondenominational status and welcomes families of all beliefs and backgrounds.  As such, the school is governed under the nonprofit status and bylaws of Christ Church, and overseen by the Church Rector.  Day to day operations are developed and led by the school Director. The school is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of the Church Rector, the school Director and vestry and community members. 


We offer a play based program that is developmentally appropriate for children ages 2 through 5.  Children learn through play. Through engaging themes we design activities and experiences to encourage growth in areas such as fine and gross motor skills, cognitive development, listening skills, language, social and emotional development.  Our goal is to help children foster a positive sense of self, to respect other people, to develop positive social relationships, and to build a strong foundation for their kindergarten experience.  As your children experience all we have to offer, they will become independent in their thinking and gain self confidence in their ability to achieve new things.  Each child will explore his or her creativity with the freedom of choice.  We also provide consistency and gentle guidance to help him/her make positive choices.  This environment will help your child foster a love of learning and school.



Children thrive in an environment that is stimulating and supportive and where the individuality of each child is recognized and respected.  In keeping with our goal of fostering self-esteem, we offer activities that are both age appropriate and that allow for individual differences.  By encouraging independence, self-expression and exploration, and by providing children with successful experiences, we believe that a child can develop at his or her own pace.  Thus, our program focuses on specific needs, learning styles and interests.


Our Commitment to Families

Parents and families are our partners in the educational process at CCNS. We strive to create an inclusive school community by encouraging parent/grandparent/sibling involvement in field trips, class activities and school events. We host monthly social events, grow a school garden to provide organic vegetables to local shelters and open our playground to all families.


Our Goals for Your Children

  • To foster a positive sense of self

  • To learn to respect others, themselves, and the environment

  • To promote positive relationships among students

  • To become independent in their thinking and self-help skills

  • To gain confidence in their ability to achieve new things

  • To provide a secure, supportive environment which encourages the balanced development of the whole child

  • To build a strong foundation for their kindergarten experience




Christ Church Nursery School